The “three-legged stool of Digital Inclusion” consists of Connectivity (internet access), Devices (access to digital devices), and Digital Skills (digital literacy). Here at the CARDBoard Project, we’ve taken those three legs and use them to guide our programs and initiatives.

Access to the internet and digital devices are important aspects of digital inclusion but the stool cannot fully stand without its third leg, digital skills. It is vital that guests have the digital skills necessary to use these digital devices and we help provide them with these skills through programs such as our Digital Skills Training Program. This program also sets up participants to find a job that will utilize their newly learned digital skills.

Digital Skills

We offer free digital skills training programs that cover the basics of Google Suite, financial literacy, job readiness, resume building and online safety. No prior computer experience is required. Our Digital Access Programs focuses on providing access to laptops, hotspots, unlimited data for 12 months, a Digital Backpack with tech accessories. As well as Tech Support.

Digital Skills for Families
The Digital Skills for Families program turns digital skills training into a family affair! DISD high school students and their legal guardians can enroll in the program as a pair (or more) and take digital skills training with us.

Digital Skills for Adults
A digital skill training program established to provide individuals with the essential skills to leverage technology for professional and personal advancement. Participants learn the basics of Microsoft Office and create their own resumés and online job searching profiles. The program is a collaborative effort to ensure participants are supported during and after the course.

Learn It, Earn It, Keep It
Clients who complete all program requirements may be eligible to keep the devices provided to them and remain digitally connected!
Clients must be referred from a qualified CBP non-profit partner.

What you will learn and improve skills:

  • Learn with the support of a team
  • 24/7 access to online class resources
  • Connect to employers at graduation
  • Increase typing skills
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How you can support our Digital Skills Training Programs

Sponsor one family’s participation in CBP’s Digital Skills for Families Program. Sponsorship for the client will also include the Digital Access Program, access to our community resource network, online job board, and potential employers. Additionally, your logo will be placed on our website.

Sponsor a cohort of 20 clients (10 families) in CBP’s Digital Skills for Families Program. Includes all listed in the Empower a student tier. Your logo will be placed on promotional materials and your organization is invited to speak to the cohort at graduation.

Sponsor a high school’s involvement in CBP’s Digital Skills for Families Program. Includes all listed in the Empower a Cohort tier. Your organization will receive regular reporting on program process as well as an investment report upon program conclusion.

For more information, please contact Armando Cantu @ [email protected]