Three Steps to Digital Inclusion

The “three-legged stool of Digital Inclusion” consists of:

  1. Connectivity (internet access)
  2. Devices (access to digital devices)
  3. and Digital Skills (digital literacy)

Here at the CARDBoard Project, we’ve taken those three legs and use them to guide our programs and initiatives.

With the ever-increasing shift to a more digital world and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we see that there is a higher need for access to digital devices. CARDBoard Project aims to provide digital devices to our guests at a low cost or even for free! We are partnered with PCs for people who refurbish laptops and can provide them for a fraction of their original cost.

We also have the Digital Device Loan Program where laptops and hotspot devices are loaned to participants with the possibility of them keeping the device if they successfully complete the program.


Did you know that you can check out a hotspot and laptop with the Dallas Public Libraries: