Want to put your e-Waste to good use?

The Dallas Device Challenge is an easy way to support bridging the digital divide, by donating new or used laptops to our organizations! By donating your gently used laptops you can help provide a family access to technology!

We are asking Dallas employers and individuals to consider donating their used or new laptops to our organizations this holiday season so they can be gifted to families who need them. We are accepting donations now until January 18th, 2022. We would love it if you would consider joining us from the start. For donations of 25 devices or higher the Comp-U-Dopt team can coordinate a pick-up from your local office. Please note we are only accepting desktops, monitors, laptops, or tablets (excluding iPads) for this project.

What happens after  we donate our devices?

Once you donate old devices, your work is done and we’ll take care of the rest! All devices will be given to our refurbishment partner, Comp-U-Dopt.  They take care of ensuring all devices with harddrives are wiped using an e-waste recycling best in practice solution called KillDisk. Certificates of erasure can be provided if needed for any corporate donation. More information and FAQ’s can be found here  Any devices which are not usable will be responsibly recycled.  Once devices are refurbished they will be redeployed in partnership with community agencies working with families in need across the city of Dallas. What is the rollout timeline?

We are planning to announce the program on November 22nd and accept donations through the holidays, with a goal of working with community organizations to distribute devices on Martin Luther King Day. Our hope is that a core partner would be excited to work alongside this initiative and commit to participate in the Dallas Device Challenge prior to the formal launch, and we can highlight in our announcement later this month. How Can We Help?We would love it if you would consider joining us from the start, and would welcome a further conversation with you to that end! If this isn’t possible for this year, please know we understand, and hope that you will help us spread the word far and wide to employees and beyond. If you’d like to pledge devices right now just click here!  For donations of 25 devices or higher the Comp-U-Dopt team can coordinate a pick-up from your local office.  Please note we are only accepting desktops, monitors, laptops, or tablets (excluding iPads) for this project. We are grateful to you for your support of efforts to bridge the digital divide and provide access to education, employment, health and services in today’s world!

Need access to technology?

Comp-u-dopt has the solution with their digital device lottery!

Applicants can register to receive a free computer using the computer lottery registration link. Names will be chosen randomly based on the available inventory 3-days prior to distribution dates. To qualify, you must not have access to a working computer at home, and you must have a child in pre-K-12 education (up to age 20) in the Dallas area (Garland, Mesquite, Oakcliff, South Dallas, Pleasant Grove, Bishop Arts, Fair Park, Irving, Arlington, Rowlett, North Dallas, Plano).
Selected recipients will be notified by email and/or text message to complete the RSVP process to pick up their computer at a drive-thru distribution site.

Sign up for the computer lottery below

What type of electronics do you take? 

We will accept any laptops, desktops, and monitors that are less than 5 years old.  We do NOT accept CRT monitors or cell phones in any condition. Please include the power cords where possible.  Mac’s are okay.  At this time we are also unable to take Tablets, tv’s, routers, appliances, servers or printers. 

My computer doesn’t work or I lost the cords, will you still take it? 

YES! However, we do ask that you keep the hard drive intact. 

How do I know my information is safe?

We take data security very seriously and have been doing this work for 13 years.  All computers which enter our warehouse are accessed only by authorized staff members and hard drives are wiped using a program called Kill Disk which is an industrial grade disk sanitation software

(http://www.killdisk.com) We follow the Department of Defense standard 5220.22-M method which securely overwrites all data with a minimum of three passes. 

Can I get a Tax Receipt?

Yes, Comp-U-Dopt is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.  Within a few days following your donation you will receive a thank you letter with an official tax receipt at the bottom.  The IRS prohibits non-profits from setting or determining a fair market value for in-kind donations, however, you will be able to do so in the space provided on your tax receipt. 

I love your work, what else can I do?

Right now computer donations are critical to our continuing to be able to serve more families across.  Cash donations are also incredibly useful and help us cover the other costs for our work including our Computer Drive-Thru program. Click here to donate


Where will my computer go?

Our mission at Comp-U-Dopt is to provide technology to students who need it most. During this COVID-19 outbreak and as students will be required to learn online, Comp-U-Dopt is distributing computers to families without a device at home free of charge. Your previously used computer will be data wiped, sanitized, and given to a family in need to help children in our community continue to learn.  If we’re unable to use your device for some reason it will still be data wiped and then recycled.